Combo Event Tag Archery & Extreme Dodgeball 

Combo Event  Tag Archery & Extreme Dodgeball 

If you want an event that is different, hilarious, challenging and totally enjoyable then our Tag Archery and Extreme Dodgeball combination event is made for you. 
First up is Tag Archery which brings the noble skill of archery and turns it into an all-out action, blood pumping and fun loving event. Once you recover it is straight into Extreme Dodgeball where you learn to survive and win through the famous 5D's of Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge! 
During your event you will be looked after from start to finish by our friendly and professional coaches who will make sure everyone enjoys the whole experience and that your occasion is the special event it deserves to be. 
Tag Archery 
Tag Archery see’s you enter into a world of combat, skill and luck with hilarious outcomes. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in this intense, action packed event! Tag Archery can be played and enjoyed by everyone, no chain mail required! 
Tag Archery is a perfect blend of the masterful art of archery and the all-out adrenaline rush of paintball, without the mess! You will play a variety of games that bring out everyone’s competitive edge and will to win or at least have a lot of fun. Test your survival instincts and nerve as you fight for individual survival or the glory of your team. 
Skill, Speed and Accuracy with a dose of cunning will keep you ahead of the game! 
Experience our Tag Archery Games : 
Capture the Crown 
Hold the Line 
Battlefield Oblivion 
The Melee 
Duel of Death 
Hail Mary 
Hoop Shoot 
Extreme Dodgeball 
Having proven yourself in the arena of Tag Archery you are hurled into the fast and crazy world of Extreme Dodgeball. 
Players first experience our Power Football event. This is Football but on a super charged level. Your event co-ordinator will arrange you into teams and get you to don your team colours. It is then non-stop action from the moment you cross the line. Remember ‘The 5D’s’” 
It is a straight out foot race to get to the balls first and then a case of instinctive survival as you battle to remove opposing team players whilst doing everything you can to bring back your eliminated team mates. 
Players will also get to experience a whole variety of incredible Football games, each with their own challenges to keep everyone on their toes and helpless with laughter. 
Games include: 
Bear Pit 
Rapid Fire 
Dodgy Hand 
…and many more 


Our Price Includes Event Organisers, Venue Hire, Up to 22 Bows with arrows, Safety Masks, Arm Guards, Bunkers, Target, Bibs & Equipment to play all games. All your Dodgeball Equipment, including team colours & Paint. Pictures and Video from your event 
120 Minutes - £35 per person 

The Booking Process 

Enquire With Us 
Receive A Full Detailed Quote 
Pay A Small Deposit 
Receive Your Booking Package 
Pay Your Balance (5 Days Prior to Event) 
Experience The Ultimate Event 

The Booking Process 

Enquire With Us 
Receive A Full Detailed Quote 
Pay A Small Deposit 
Receive Your Booking Package 
Pay Your Balance (5 Days Prior to Event) 
Experience The Ultimate Event 
No matter who wins or loses this combination event is designed to ensure everyone has an amazing time that they won’t soon forget.  
Our ‘Combo Event’ can be delivered to all areas of the North West and cover Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Staffordshire and Shropshire. All you need to do is let us know when and where you need us, and we will be there to organize and run your event. All you have to do is enjoy it. 
Our Tag Archery and Extreme Dodgeball event, can be played inside or outside. We are able to use sports halls, all weather pitches, grassed areas and pretty much any other level surface. 
We have partnerships with the very best sporting venues in the North West, all you need to do is enquire and we will find the most convenient venue for you! 
If you are looking for an event with a difference then Bubble Footie will be happy to deliver. 
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