Barony Park Nantwich

Barony Park Nantwich is a community based facility that provides the people of Nantwich with an area to carry out their recreational activities. It is very different to many of the other facilities in the surrounding areas, which is a positive as it helps to draw more people to these fantastic facilities. It is a very community orientated place with all of the locals coming together to participate in sport and physical activity. 

There are many people that use the park on a regular basis for walks, running, and dog walking. It is a very community orientated place with all of the locals coming together to participate in sport and physical activity.

Barony Park Nantwich Barony Park Playing Fields

The Venue

As a venue for parties and events Barony Park Nantwich is well suited. It has toilets and changing rooms along with a medium sized function room that can house a group of children after their party or event. It is situated in the centre of Nantwich meaning it is very accessible for all.

There is a large playing field behind the building which can be used by the public. This does not need to be booked or reserved people can come and use it at their leisure. However if you wish to use one of the marked pitches then this must be pre-booked along with the changing rooms and any other facilities.

Barony Park Nantwich Gym Barony Park Football

Facilities & Activities

The Barony Park contains a variety of good facilities. Primarily users of the park will spot the vast open space behind the building, they contain a number of full size rugby and football grass pitches. These are used frequently throughout the sporting season, and feature a variety of Cheshire football leagues, ranging in ability and age.

Barony park also contains a enclosed 3G pitch, this is one of the more busy facilities, as there are many 5 a side football matches on this during the week. There are also tennis courts available for around the clock use. Inside the building there is a fully equipped gym with all the kit you could need, containing a variety of machines and free weights. Around the side of the building there is a skate park that many of the local kids use regularly, next to this there is a parkour/free running area that is the newest addition to the park.

Useful Information

Barony Park can be found on Barony road (B574) in Nantwich (). There is a good amount of parking on site next to all of the facilities. Toilets and changing rooms are available on site within the opening times.

Opening Times

  • Monday to Friday 12 Noon – 9.15pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 9am-5.15pm

Contact Information

Bubble Footie

Bubble Footie prides itself in being the number one provider of bubble football events in Nantwich as a result of this we have good partnerships with the best venues in the area, Barony Park being a one of these. No matter what your occasion we will work closely with the staff at the school to provide at fun, exciting and stress free event for all.

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