Tytherington High School Events & Venue Information

Tytherington High School is found in Macclesfield, at school who pride themselves on high quality experiences for their students shaping them into well rounded individuals. The school site aids with this as it houses some fantastic facilities that allow for some invaluable opportunities.

The staff at the school go to lengths to ensure that any needs of the event or party are met. They will rent out any of the school facilities that best suits the group of people needing to use it, making for a very user friendly venue.

The Venue

Tytherington High School is a perfect venue to host a party or event, as well as the high quality facilities such as the sports hall and AstroTurf the school houses multiple function rooms and social areas that can be used after events for food and other activities.

Right by the sports hall entrance there is an old science lab that has been turned into a function room for teams and party groups. It is right next to the sports hall, a popular facility for parties and activities. By the function room there are also changing rooms toilets and showers, the perfect setup for a group of any age to enjoy a sport or activity. For bigger groups the school cafeteria is available to use during weekends.

Facilities & Activities

There are two main facilities that groups of people use for parties and events at Tytherington High School, the first one being the all weather AstroTurf pitch, this is perfect through the summer months for children’s parties. Senior men’s and women’s hockey are also played on the astro-turf pitch throughout the season. Groups of lads also regularly hire a 3rd of the pitch to have a kick around and socialise.

The sports hall offers warmth from the cold during the winter months for the children parties, football parties often take place in the sports hall during the winter months, leading to them making use of the function rooms to re fuel afterwards. The sports hall also hosts mens 5 a side football during the week along with table tennis and cricket coaching sessions led by qualified coaches.

Useful Information

Tytherington High School is found on Manchester Road (A538). Coming from Macclesfield town centre you turn of the A537 heading out of Macclesfield, you go down a hill and it is on your right. For people looking to eat at the venue after their party or event, there is a dominoes in the town centre that is quite popular with previous party organisers, they will deliver to the centre for a specific time of your choosing so the kids can get food straight after their activity. Events who use the function rooms will often prepare their own food which is another option. If you are looking for drinks and snacks to fuel you throughout the activity then their is a Tesco a short 5 minute walk from the school site.

Bubble Footie at Tytherington High School

Bubble Footie prides itself in being the number one provider of bubble football events in Macclesfield as a result of this we have good partnerships with the best venues in the area, Tytherington high school being a one of these. No matter what your occasion we will work closely with the staff at the school to provide at fun, exciting and stress free event for all.

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