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Bubble Football Party

There is a variety of Cheshire Parties to choose from but there is a new party on the scene. Have you tried the fun, energetic, challenging, and entertaining event known as Bubble Football, also known as Zorb Football?

Bubble Football is 60, 90 or 120 minutes of high octane action in a safe and friendly party atmosphere.  Players upper bodies and heads are fully encased in a see through zorb whilst their legs have the freedom to move around enabling players to stay mobile and control their direction and speed.

Our Bubble Football Cheshire Parties are designed to include everyone and our fully trained staff make sure that the event runs smoothly with a fantastic selection of bubble games that can be suited to the age group of the party.

Players obviously get to experience the actual game of bubble football where the object of the game is the same as normal football but with a lot more hilarious collisions thrown in.  Players will bump and roll their way to victory.  In addition to this the children will get to play games such as bubble dodgeball, bulldog, royal rumble, duel, face off, rollerball and many more.

Our Zorb football Cheshire Parties are for ages 7/8 and up.  Whether it is for a girl’s birthday party or a boy’s birthday party they are sure to fully enjoy themselves and have a party to remember.

Premier Football Party

Bubble Footie’s Cheshire Parties also include our Premier Football Party.  Here players get to play and train like their footballing heroes.  The party starts with coaching games that are specifically designed to get everyone involved no matter what their skill level whilst keeping players interest and excitement levels high.

Players then get to use equipment that is reserved for the professionals and rotate through a variety of stations that see them working together and individually:

Ballistic Speed Shot

Dribble the Maze

Escape & Evade

Play it Like Wimbledon

Resistance Relay

Volley Valley

Sprint for Victory

And many more

Our professional and friendly staff will take the players are fully involved at all times to ensure players stay safe but thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Players get to finish with the big match to put all those new found and enhanced skills to the test.

The event runs for 90 minutes for up to 16 players aged 8+.  Medals, Awards, Certificates and Invitations all available.

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