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Bubble Football Hire Manchester

Looking to play Bubble Football in Manchester?  Then we can do it all for you.

Bubble Footie are a locally based Bubble Football Company who will deliver you the perfect Bubble Football event in and around Manchester at a great price.

Whether you live in Manchester and are organising an event with friends or are visiting this fantastic city as part of a celebration Bubble Football has on be on the ‘must do list’ .  

Bubble Footie will take all the hassle out of organising the event and arrange a zorb football session for you that is truly memorable.

We only use the very best venues and in Manchester we are spoilt choice with a superb selection of sports centres. This variety allows us to offer year round events.

Our friendly, professional and uniformed staff will ensure that everyone is fully engaged and loves every second, even if they are upside down!  Players will be greeted and made to feel instantly welcome and will get to experience a whole variety of hilarious and challenging games where scoring isn’t always the only objective. 

Our coaches love to organise mini tournaments and knock out finals to see who are the Bubble Football champions.  Please ask us about these when booking.

Take a look at what happened when Rebel FC played the Manchester City FC Legends with Bubble Footie

Bubble Football Venues in Manchester

Being locally based means that we are able to deliver fantastic rates with no travelling costs and have local knowledge of all the best places to hire for your venue.

Manchester hosts some amazing sporting and football arenas that are perfect for a zorb football event.  The variety of pitch surfaces that bubble football can be played on alongside the huge variety of pitch types on offer in Manchester means that you can take your pick as to whether you play inside or outside and even which surface you want to be on.

You can play on 3G pitches, 2G pitches, wooden sports hall floors, astro turf grass or even plastic hard court. No matter which you choose you are guaranteed a fun, safe and memorable event with your friends that will leave you wanting more.

No matter why you want to hire Bubble Football in Manchester, whether it is for a stag do, hen party, corporate event, children’s party, sports team training or any other social event Bubble Footie can deliver what you are looking for.

There is of course the added benefit that Manchester’s social scene also means you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to going out and celebrating your Bubble Football success. Have a look at some of the Best Manchester Bars

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Bubble Games
  • British Bulldog

    Here we take it back to the playground with one of the best Old School games. Players go all out to make it from Safe Zone to Safe Zone, the problem they have is the bulldog in the middle trying to stop them. The bulldog will be doing all they can to take down a runner to get them to join the Bulldogs! Runners need speed or strength to win this game and be the last one standing in the safe zone.
  • Royal Rumble

    If team games aren’t your forte, then you will love Royal Rumble, the ultimate solo game! Use every weapon in your physical armoury to knock over all players in sight. Its everyman for himself, so don’t trust anyone and make sure you keep your wits about you. The last person standing is the winner. It this intense game you will need stamina as well as strength!
  • Rollerball

    Experience the ultimate race in bubble football! You must somersault head over heels from one end of the pitch to the other, the first player across the line takes victory. It gets very dizzy, so try not to lose your bearings, otherwise you’ll find yourself heading away from the finish line. This race takes agility and courage to throw yourself into a upside-down spin!
  • Duel

    This is where bragging rights are won and lost. Battles of 1v1 or 2v2 are set up in the middle of the pitch, opponents stand back to back and are only allowed to turn when signalled too, first team to score wins. Leave everything on the pitch and you will emerge victorious. This game is a true test of decision making skills, do I go for the opponent or the ball?!
  • Dodge Ball

    Dodge ball, one of the country’s most exciting childhood games. Instead of throwing lets try kicking, and put everyone inside bubbles! Players on either side of the pitch aim to kick the footballs at people in the middle who are in bubbles. This game requires extreme agility and a lot of luck!
  • Dizzy Penalties

    Hitting the back of the net from 12 yards is easy, right? Wrong! Try slotting a penalty when your world is spinning and you are strapped inside an inflatable bubble. Who is up for the challenge?


  • 'Absolutely fantastic' is how my son described Bubble Footie after we asked them to host his 14th birthday. All 18 players had an amazing time and it was almost as much fun for the spectators to watch. I cannot recommend Bubble Footie enough and Dan, the host, was outstanding and kept all the kids entertained throughout. Thanks very much for everything. - Matt Humphreys

  • Big thanks to Andy and Beth for our day at Bubble Footie for Christine's hen in Manchester! We had an absolute ball, the best hangover cure! We laughed from start to finish!! Beth had great games for us to play and kept us well watered!! We'll def come again if we're down that way! - Faye Frame

  • Bubble Footie was an amazing laugh. From start to finish Andy made the session fun, enjoyable and just what we needed to shake to cobwebs off from the night before!
    From the moment we arrived Andy was so good and helped us with any questions or needs. Mixed up the activities from football to bulldogs and also let us chase the stag! Beth stayed in touch with me during the booking which I placed 6 months in advance! I recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing laugh!
    Thanks again Andy and Beth for making our time at Bubble footie in Manchester so enjoyable! The lads didn't stop talking about it all the way back to South Wales, and the videos had some of us in tears!
    Thanks again,
    Diolch yn fawr iawn!
    Ben - Benjamin Sam

  • Had loads of fun playing bubble footie in Manchester. It was my brother’s stag do and Andy and the team were fantastic in helping to arrange it. Responded to messages quickly and agreed a fair price. The activities were great fun as we played ‘dual’ and ‘bulldog’ as well as football. It was very hot and we appreciated the water and energy drinks provided too. Would definitely recommend! - Mark Andrew