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Childrens Bubble Football Parties

It’s time to bring an outrageous element of fun and laughter to your child’s Birthday Party. Our dedicated staff will deliver a Bubble Football experience that ensures every child fully enjoys the party.

Our children’s parties are perfect for boys and girls so everyone can join in. Even if football isn’t the no.1 choice of game then there are plenty of other party games to keep everyone entertained, including:

  • Rollerball Relay
  • Dizzy Penalties
  • Face-off
  • British Bulldog
  • Dodgeball

All you need to do is let us know when and where you need us and our professional, friendly and enthusiastic event coaches will be there to organise the event and keep the kids fully occupied. The only problem you may have is stopping the parents from joining in!

Bubble Football can be played inside or outside and on a variety of floor types including plastic sports hall floors, 3G 4G, 5G pitches, astro-pitches, grass and pretty much every other level surface other than concrete so there will be no problem locating the right venue for you.

As an established events company we have fantastic partnerships with the best sporting venues in the North West so will be able to recommend one that is ideal for you. If you need any help finding the best location just let us know and we will be happy to help.

If you are looking for a birthday party with a difference then Bubble Footie will definitely deliver!

We offer Children’s parties in Cheshire, Manchester, Chester and Staffordshire. If your area isn’t here then please enquire and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Children of 8 years to 16 can play, although we do recommend that children of similar age groups play together.

Our Prices Include:

  • 10 Zorbs*
  • Event Organisers
  • Goals
  • Footballs, Bibs and equipment to play all the games
  • Pictures and Video from your event


*More zorbs can be ordered, enquire for more details.

*Venue hire not included but we will be happy to assist you with this.

  • British Bulldog

    Here we take it back to the playground with one of the best Old School games. Players go all out to make it from Safe Zone to Safe Zone, the problem they have is the bulldog in the middle trying to stop them. The bulldog will be doing all they can to take down a runner to get them to join the Bulldogs! Runners need speed or strength to win this game and be the last one standing in the safe zone.

  • Royal Rumble

    If team games aren’t your forte, then you will love Royal Rumble, the ultimate solo game! Use every weapon in your physical armoury to knock over all players in sight. Its everyman for himself, so don’t trust anyone and make sure you keep your wits about you. The last person standing is the winner. It this intense game you will need stamina as well as strength!

  • Rollerball

    Experience the ultimate race in bubble football! You must somersault head over heels from one end of the pitch to the other, the first player across the line takes victory. It gets very dizzy, so try not to lose your bearings, otherwise you’ll find yourself heading away from the finish line. This race takes agility and courage to throw yourself into a upside-down spin!

  • Duel

    This is where bragging rights are won and lost. Battles of 1v1 or 2v2 are set up in the middle of the pitch, opponents stand back to back and are only allowed to turn when signalled too, first team to score wins. Leave everything on the pitch and you will emerge victorious. This game is a true test of decision making skills, do I go for the opponent or the ball?!

  • Dizzy Penalties

    Hitting the back of the net from 12 yards is easy, right? Wrong! Try slotting a penalty when your world is spinning and you are strapped inside an inflatable bubble. Who is up for the challenge?

Bubble Football Prices

Prices Include 10 Zorbs, Event Organisers, Goals, Footballs, Bibs and the equipment required to play all the games, plus Pictures and Video from your event. More zorbs can be ordered. Venue hire is not included but we will be happy to assist you to find the most suitable location for your party.

60 Minutes
Events with 10 Zorbs
90 Minutes
Events with 10 Zorbs
120 Minutes
Events with 10 Zorbs
Will and all his friends had a great time today – I suspect there will be a lot of banter at school tomorrow! We would certainly recommend it to others.
Kate Brock
Kids Combo Event
Love the video and pictures – thanks. Have shared on Facebook. Had loads of people interested in the party including the leisure centre staff and random people just passing. It was great, much better than the standard laser quest parties! As you saw we have 3 boys so hopefully we’ll be booking you again in a few years when the other 2 are big enough!!
Esther Prescott
Children's Bubble Football Party
Hi Andy, just to let you know the kids had a great party!! It was brilliant fun - they couldn't stop laughing - even the girls who "don't like football" had a good time. Please pass on my thanks to your team who were great on the day and ensured all the kids got involved. Many thanks.
Julie & Fin McNicholas
Children's Bubble Football Party
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for a great party experience today. I can say Hadley & our daughters daisy and Isabella really enjoyed themselves & I know Liz ward & family say the same. All their friends said they had a great time doing rolls!!! Bless their little legs!! I will recommend you to all our fellow school friends if they ever want a party from you. Very well done & best wishes.
Lorraine Waving
Kids Bubble Football
The boys had a great time! And look forward to doing it again. Thanks again, very well organised and friendly too.
Nikki Young
Children's Bubble Football Party
Reece and Tyler had a great time and so did everyone else, they were all worn out at the end of it!!!! I had lots of texts from the parents after the party to say how much they’d enjoyed it, so think Tyler will be Mr Popular today at school
Michelle Davies
Children's Bubble Football Party
Jayden and his friends keep telling me it was the best birthday party they have ever been to.
Eleanor Carnegie
Children's Bubble Football Party
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