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Sports Teams & Bubble Football

There is no doubt that Bubble Football is all about taking hilarity to a brand new level whilst giving the game of football an added kick! Bubble Football is the ideal way to celebrate your end-of-season party, as a reward for your hard working team or even a great pick-me-up if morale needs a boost . It can however also be the perfect training tool for sports clubs: making routine training sessions fun, by providing a truly novel form of exercise that adds a light-hearted element that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you play hockey, cricket, rugby, netball, basketball or any other sport where you have a team of friends who want to enjoy themselves, then Bubble Footie, with its professional and friendly event coaches will make sure your bubble football event is one to remember. 

As well as Bubble Football your events can include a variety of other individual and team-based zorb games, such as….

  • Duel
  • British Bulldog
  • Royal Rumble
  • Dodgeball
  • Capture the Captain, and many more……


We also organise mini leagues and knock out tournaments should you prefer to add a competitive edge to your event.

Bubble Football can be used to improve physical stamina and increase cardiovascular capacity, not to mention encouraging team-work and bonding. Bubble Football has the ability to make training productive and fun all at the same time. It is also a chance for players to get their own back on managers and coaches if they are brave enough to step into the Bubble!

We will come to your place of training or any other venue of your choice and provide a training session like no other. We are of course happy to recommend venues.  We cover Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and Staffordshire

Our Prices Include :

  • 10 Zorbs (more can be provided at a cost)
  • Event Organisers
  • Goals
  • Footballs, Bibs and equipment to play all the games
  • Pictures and Video from your event
  • Group Discounts Available


To find out more about our events and prices please contact us


We can bring our Bubble Football events to any of the below areas for your Sports team

Bubble Games
  • British Bulldog

    Here we take it back to the playground with one of the best Old School games. Players go all out to make it from Safe Zone to Safe Zone, the problem they have is the bulldog in the middle trying to stop them. The bulldog will be doing all they can to take down a runner to get them to join the Bulldogs! Runners need speed or strength to win this game and be the last one standing in the safe zone.
  • Royal Rumble

    If team games aren’t your forte, then you will love Royal Rumble, the ultimate solo game! Use every weapon in your physical armoury to knock over all players in sight. Its everyman for himself, so don’t trust anyone and make sure you keep your wits about you. The last person standing is the winner. It this intense game you will need stamina as well as strength!
  • Rollerball

    Experience the ultimate race in bubble football! You must somersault head over heels from one end of the pitch to the other, the first player across the line takes victory. It gets very dizzy, so try not to lose your bearings, otherwise you’ll find yourself heading away from the finish line. This race takes agility and courage to throw yourself into a upside-down spin!
  • Duel

    This is where bragging rights are won and lost. Battles of 1v1 or 2v2 are set up in the middle of the pitch, opponents stand back to back and are only allowed to turn when signalled too, first team to score wins. Leave everything on the pitch and you will emerge victorious. This game is a true test of decision making skills, do I go for the opponent or the ball?!
  • Dodge Ball

    Dodge ball, one of the country’s most exciting childhood games. Instead of throwing lets try kicking, and put everyone inside bubbles! Players on either side of the pitch aim to kick the footballs at people in the middle who are in bubbles. This game requires extreme agility and a lot of luck!
  • Dizzy Penalties

    Hitting the back of the net from 12 yards is easy, right? Wrong! Try slotting a penalty when your world is spinning and you are strapped inside an inflatable bubble. Who is up for the challenge?
Age Suitability
Our Bubble Football events are perfect for both sexes aged 8 and upwards.


  • I arranged Bubble Football for Macclesfield Boys U12's end of season presentation ⚽️ They all had an absolutely amazing time! Very professional service from the initial booking with Beth to Andy looking after the boys, will definitely book this again! Thank you Bubble Footie for a truly fabulous day! ☺️⚽️ - Alison McDowell

  • - Kirsty Hollins-Brown Congleton FC

  • - C Morrin U 15's Winnington Rugby Club