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Bubble Football & Tag Archery

Bubble Football & Tag Archery Combo Event

Why limit the action and the fun. Choose the best of both worlds and go for Bubble Football and Tag Archery with a dual event option. With our ‘Combo Event’ you will experience the thrills and spills of Bubble Football along with the speed and high octane activity of Tag Archery. Both events will challenge and test you but most importantly ensure an enjoyable and hilarious event that will be long remembered.

Our enthusiastic, friendly and professional event coaches will meet you all on arrival and get you organised and ready to play.  Our coaches will work tirelessly to make sure everyone is involved and loves every minute of your special celebration.

The ‘Combo Event’ is split into 2 sessions.  Players will get to experience Bubble Football first.  Here players will play the nations beloved game wrapped in a zorb and try to score as many goals as possible whilst taking out their opponents to become the Bubble Football champions!

Players will then get to enjoy a variety of other bubble games that will test them mentally and physically as they look to win team and individual events.  It isn’t just the biggest who win, tactics, stealth and speed all play a part.

After the Bubble Football you will move on to the Tag Archery.  You can be assured that it doesn’t slow down here.  If anything, it intensifies where a combination of skill, ability and whole lot of luck will see you claim victory over the enemy.

Players are taken through how to safely and effectively use the equipment.  Players can hone their skills with some target shooting challenges.  Once everyone is happy it is time to move through to the main events.

The games will test who has the nerve to take the risks to conquer all and emerge triumphant.  Players will get to enjoy team and individual challenges such as :

Battlefield Oblivion

The Melee

Duel of death


Rolling Stone

Hail Mary

…and many more

No matter who wins or loses the event is designed to ensure everyone has an amazing time that they won’t soon forget.

All you need to do is let us know when and where you need us, and we will be there to organize and run your event.  All you have to do is throw yourself into the event and enjoy it.

Our Bubble Football and Tag Archery combo, can be played inside or outside in any weather.  We are able to use sports halls, all weather pitches, grassed areas and pretty much any other level surface.

We have partnerships with the best sporting venues in the North West, all you need to do is enquire and we will find the most convenient venue for you!

If you are looking for an event with a difference then Bubble Footie will be happy to deliver.

We bring our Combination Events to all areas of the North West including Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

If your area isn’t here then please enquire and we will be happy to try and accommodate you.

Players need to be 17 or over

Our Prices Include :

  • Event Organisers
  • Venue Hire
  • 10 Zorbs (More can be provided at a cost)
  • Goals, Footballs, Bibs & Equipment to play all games
  • All your Tag Archery equipment.
  • Safety Masks
  • Bunkers
  • Targets
  • Pictures and Video from your event

If you are looking for an event with a difference then Bubble Footie will be happy to deliver.

  • Bubble Footie - Duel

    This is where bragging rights are won and lost. Battles of 1v1 or 2v2 are set up in the middle of the pitch, opponents stand back to back and are only allowed to turn when signalled too, first team to score wins. Leave everything on the pitch and you will emerge victorious. This game is a true test of decision making skills, do I go for the opponent or the ball?!

  • Tag Archery - Hold the Line

    Have you got the nerve to hold the line under a shower of arrows? Two teams face each other, the aim is to try and eliminate the other team, however you are not allowed to move your feet!

  • Bubble Footie - British Bulldog

    Here we take it back to the playground with one of the best Old School games. Players go all out to make it from Safe Zone to Safe Zone, the problem they have is the bulldog in the middle trying to stop them. The bulldog will be doing all they can to take down a runner to get them to join the Bulldogs! Runners need speed or strength to win this game and be the last one standing in the safe zone.

  • Tag Archery - Hail Mary

    The athletes in the group will emerge victorious during hail mary, in pairs one of you is the quarter back the other is the receiver, the quarterback fairs the arrow and the receiver must have the courage to get in front of it and try to catch it. The pair with the most successful catches in 3 minutes wins.

  • Bubble Footie - Royal Rumble

    If team games aren’t your forte, then you will love Royal Rumble, the ultimate solo game! Use every weapon in your physical armoury to knock over all players in sight. It's every man for himself, so don’t trust anyone and make sure you keep your wits about you. The last person standing is the winner. It this intense game you will need stamina as well as strength!

  • Tag Archery - Duel of Death

    Duel of Death This game puts peers against each, who has the best shot on the team? You are restricted to a small area, with an opponent just meters away in their area, first one to hit the enemy with an arrow wins!

  • Bubble Footie - Dizzy Penalties

    Hitting the back of the net from 12 yards is easy, right? Wrong! Try slotting a penalty when your world is spinning and you are strapped inside an inflatable bubble. Who is up for the challenge?

  • Tag Archery - Battlefield Oblivion

    Battlefield Oblivion Can you and your team keep a cool head under heavy fire to eliminate your enemy? The winning team is the first team to eliminate the other. However, if you catch an arrow one of your teammates is allowed back into the game!

  • Bubble Footie - Capture the Captain

    Can you keep your team Captain alive whilst hunting down the opposing teams Captain. All to play for in the strategic but hilarious action game.

  • Tag Archery - Capture the Crown

    Two teams go head to head, the objective, to take out the oppositions leader. The winning team is the first one to do this! However both teams don’t know who the leader of the opposing team is, this can become a very tactical affair!


Our Price Includes Event Organisers, Venue Hire, 10 Zorbs, Goals, Footballs, Bibs & Equipment to play all games, all your Tag Archery Equipment, including up to 18 Bows with arrows, Safety Masks, Arm Guards, Bunkers and Targets. Pictures and Video from your event.

120 Minutes
£35 per person
Contact us to discuss your requirements
What a awesome day , really good fun , would recommend them to anyone
Chris Fox
Tag Archery Event
Booked this for a mates stag do in January and I have to say it was so much more fun than we initially expected. Andy took really great care of everything. Be prepped for a proper workout with the Bubble Footie. We were shattered the next day. The archery was the highlight for me though, and I'd definitely recommend it.
Adrian Oteng-Owusu
Tag Archery & Bubble FootieEvent
Booked for my boyfriend's birthday. The team super responsive and really helpful, replying promptly and answering all my qs. The event itself was really great fun - Andy organised and ran the event really well, making sure that everyone was included. Bubble football was so much fun and everyone had a great time. Tag archery was a really good addition to the event as everyone could take part at once and it was a little bit different. Thanks so much to Andy - will definitely be looking to book with him again in the future!
Emily Pomeroy
Bubble Football & Tag Archery event
Great activities, expertly organised! The boys loved tag archery. Andy and the team couldn’t have been more accommodating. Thank you!
D Burnand
Tag Archery birthday event
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