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As an established provider of energetic, fun, and great value corporate events we know how important providing the perfect event for your colleagues and business partners can be. We understand that you need good lines of communication at all times and an event that will be run in a professional, reliable and friendly manner.

Our Corporate Tag Archery events, have been specifically designed by our creative team of coaches to deliver an action packed, challenging and memorable event that can be enjoyed by all participants.

Tag Archery

Tag Archery is the ideal event for your corporate occasion with it’s perfect blend of the medieval art of archery and the all-out blood pumping rush of paintball.  Tag Archery takes the best of both these sports to give you an enthralling and engaging event.

Tag Archery isn’t just about shooting at each other, although this is of course one of the best parts.  Through our innovative game creation players will experience a whole host of hilarious games that will keep players on their toes and eager for more.

Just like in the office, games will focus on team as well as individual challenges where composure and accuracy will help, however, the really important part is throwing yourself into the occasion and giving it your best.

You and your colleagues will experience :

  • Capture the Crown
  • Hold the Line
  • Battlefield Oblivion
  • The Melee
  • Duel of Death
  • Split the Arrow
  • LongBow
  • Rolling Stone
  • Hail Mary
  • Hoop Shoot
  • No Mans Land

Our expert uniformed coaches understand how important your event is and how crucial it is to deliver a successful event that reflects well on your company. Our coaches will look after each player to ensure the day runs smoothly and that all anyone has to do is enjoy themselves.

No previous experience is required, players will be given full demonstrations and plenty of opportunity to hone their skills!

Locations and Venues

We are able to bring our Tag Archery Corporate Events to all areas of the North West including Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

If your area isn’t here then please enquire and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Tag Archery, can be played inside or outside in any weather.  We can bring our Tag Archery Combat Events to sports halls, all weather pitches, grassed areas and pretty much any other level surface.

We have partnerships with the best venues in the North West, all you need to do is enquire and we will find the most convenient venue for you.  If you have your own event area then we can of course also come to you.

We only use registered, safety tested equipment to ensure players safety.  Our bows are for both left and right handed players and are manufactured so that they are easy to use.  Players are equipped with arm guards, face masks and goggles.  The helmets even come with their own Go Pro attachment so players can film themselves in action!

If you are looking for a corporate event with a difference then we will be happy to deliver.

Our Adult Tag Archery Combat Events can be played by anyone aged 17 and older. Up to 18 players.

Our Price Includes:

  • Up to 18 Bows with arrows
  • Safety Masks
  • Arm Guards
  • Event Organisers
  • Bibs
  • Bunkers
  • Targets
  • Venue Included at a Location to Suit You
  • Hold the line

    Have you got the nerve to hold the line under a shower of arrows? Two teams face each other, the aim is to try and eliminate the other team, however you are not allowed to move your feet!

  • Hail Mary

    The athletes in the group will emerge victorious during hail mary, in pairs one of you is the quarter back the other is the receiver, the quarterback fairs the arrow and the receiver must have the courage to get in front of it and try to catch it. The pair with the most successful catches in 3 minutes wins.

  • Duel of Death

    This game puts peers against each, who has the best shot on the team? You are restricted to a small area, with an opponent just meters away in their area, first one to hit the enemy with an arrow wins!

  • Battlefield Oblivion

    Can you and your team keep a cool head under heavy fire to eliminate your enemy? The winning team is the first team to eliminate the other. However, if you catch an arrow one of your teammates is allowed back into the game!

  • Capture the Crown

    Two teams go head to head, the objective, to take out the oppositions leader. The winning team is the first one to do this! However both teams don’t know who the leader of the opposing team is, this can become a very tactical affair!

Tag Archery Prices

Our Price Includes up to 18 Bows with arrows & safety masks, arm guards, event organisers, bibs, bunkers, targets and a venue included at a location to suit you. We offer discounts for groups of 15 or more players.

60 Minutes
Events with up to 18 players
£20 per person
90 Minutes
Events with up to 18 players
£25 per person
120 Minutes
Events with up to 18 players
£30 per person
Group Discounts Available For 15 or more Players!
Great fun for all! We had a group of men and women and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Set us up nicely for a night out. Thanks Andy!
Jack Mullins
Tag Archery Corporate Event
We played today at Newcastle-under-Lyme College. Great fun, and what a good work out! Phew! Would highly recommend it! All nine of us, 26+ year olds, approve of it. Many thanks to Andy and Dan for their help
Diana Alexandra Ioancea
Adult Tag Archery Event
Did Archery Tag in Manchester at Sugden Sports Centre. Fantastic alternative stag do/work social activity. Would recommend
John Midgley
Manchester Corporate Tag Archery Event
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